Information meeting
Jan. 20, from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.



Get friends and education for life at Grenaa Gymnasium

Most students at Grenaa Gymnasium are from the local area.
But there are also many students from various countries in the world
Come and experience the international atmosphere.

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Grenaa Gymnasium’s Boarding School

At Grenaa Gymnasium’s Boarding School you are close to friends and school.  Enjoy a great social life in an international atmosphere.

Read more about Grenaa Gymnasium's Bording School

STX, HF and IB Diploma

Study lines and electives at Grenaa Gymnasium will put you on the track for your future



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Sports fanatic?

You don’t have to be to exercise and have fun at Grenaa Gymnasium

We have facilities and surroundings for many different kinds of sports  – our own gyms and the sportscentre, the forrest and the beach within walking distance.


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The Music Wing – brand new and awesome!

Music and visual arts are important for us at Grenaa Gymnasium.

You can participate in many ways and at many levels.

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Are you going to join us?

Call us and make and appointment for a guided tour or come to the Informational Meeting in November 2017.

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Latest news

News archive
Elever fra Grenaa Gymnasium var hyret af Djurslands Bank på Operation Dagsværk-dagen 2017

Students gave a working day’s pay to young people in Bangladesh

Students gave a working day’s pay to young people in Bangladesh Operation One Day’s Work 2017 at Grenaa Gymnasium To me it is not a question whether to participate or not. We get this day… Read more


Experiencing the Age of Enlightenment

Experiencing the Age of Enlightenment Second and third year STX students from Grenaa Gymnasium attended an exclusive pre-premiere on a TV-documentary episode about the 18th century in Denmark Before the autumn break students from Grenaa… Read more

Naser Khader mødes med elever fra Grenaa Gymnasium

Students Met with Member of Parliament

Students met with member of parliament Shortly before the autumn break all STX 3rd year students went on a three day long excursion to Copenhagen, an event that has been part of the STX programme… Read more


Nurturing Talent

For those who have the desire and will to cultivate professional interests even more.


Global Activities

For you who are curious, critical, creative and open to meeting other cultures and values.