An Atomic Bomb under Data Security?

Popular live stream lecture at Grenaa Gymnasium about the future super computer

Quantum Moves is a computer game that anyone with a smartphone or tablet can download and take on the challenge of controlling the quantemechanical movements of atoms. This game has become one of the tools scientists at Aarhus University use in developing the future super computer, the quantum computer. Professor Klaus Mølmer will explain everything about it in a lecture on Tuesday, August 30. “The scientific development builds on Niels Bohr’s atomic theory,” physics teacher at Grenaa Gymnasium Poul Erik Andersen explains. “The necessary calculations are so extensive that they require a computer like the quantum computer they are trying to develop. And this is where the computer game comes into the picture.”

Entanglement er en særlig ”sammenfiltring” mellem kvantefysiske partikler som kan bruges til udveksling af data i kvanteberegninger.Her ses en kunstnerisk fortolkning af entanglement udført af Mette Høst, artist-in-residence ved Niels Bohr Institutet, Københavns Universitet.

An artistic interpretation of entangled quantum particles that can be used for data exchange. Mette Høst, artist in residence at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. Source:

Poul Erik Andersen also identifies a more gloomy perspective in the quantum computer. “Maybe science is about to lose its innocence for the second time, the first time being the development of the atomic bomb. The second time could be the quantum computer that would be able to break down any data security system – from personal Facebook logins to the databases of national intelligence agencies. I wonder whether Professor Klaus Mølmer has thought about this.”

Opportunity to text questions during the lecture

People attending the live stream lecture at Grenaa Gymnasium will have the opportunity to ask Klaus Mølmer questions via SMS.
The lecture is the first of a number of public live stream lectures at Grenaa Gymnasium this fall. The lectures are delivered in Danish.