visual arts på Grenaa Gymnasium

The Best Experience

Learning not to be afraid of making mistakes. Visual Arts allowed Anna to discover a new path.

When Anna started as an IB student at Grenaa Gymnasium in 2015, she did not foresee that Visual Arts would open her eyes to a path into her future. But she discovered she had talents just waiting to be given the chance to grow and develop. “It has been the best experience ever,” she says. “Visual Arts has been the place where I could think about what I want to do. It has been stressful but inspiring to be finding one’s focus and learn not to be afraid to make mistakes.”

The visual arts students together with Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

The sources of inspiration have been nearby

For the exam in Visual Arts the students exhibit their works at the school. “My chosen theme was emotions and I treated it in portraits. I let myself be inspired by the people around me, especially at the boarding school,” Anna explains. She moved into Grenaa Gymnasium’s boarding school in 2015.

Recently, Anna discovered yet another source of inspiration when the Visual Arts class visited designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, who explained to them about the recent exhibition Genes and Molecules that he and his daughter, artist Amalie Jakobsen, had at Baunhøj Mølle in Grenaa. “It is very inspiring that he has done so much, and that he lives here in Grenaa and is famous. We even use his chairs here at school!” says Anna. “It shows how much you can do and that you should not be afraid to experiment.”

From Latvia to Grenaa

Anna came to Denmark from Latvia. “I wished to pursue education abroad and in English, and I applied for admission at IB-schools in Denmark, because I have an aunt here and know the country from holidays. I have always liked it.” Nevertheless, Anna felt very nervous in the beginning. “I was afraid my English wouldn’t improve fast enough. But I kept reminding myself that if I would have to go back, I still wouldn’t have lost anything.”

“I can see how much I have developed,” Anna explains and gives much praise to Visual Arts teacher Lars Sand Kirk. “I spent a lot of time on Visual Arts. It has been a place of relief for me and the individual talks that are part of the teaching have really helped a lot. I have discovered a new path.”
Anna has applied for admission at KEA Copenhagen School of Design and Technology.