Study Trips and Excursions at Grenaa Gymnasium

The study trip will be one of the peaks during your time at Grenaa Gymnasium.

On the study trip you are with your classmates and two of your teachers in a different way than at home and you see and experience things that Grenaa cannot offer.

The study trip, however, is only one among several trips:

HF'ere på Karpenhøj

HF students at Karpenhøj

1.STX, 1.HF and pre-IB:
Karpenhøj Friluftscenter. 36 hours stay as part of the introduction programme.

2.STX, 2.HF and IB1:
Study or exchange trip. 5-10 days depending on destination.

3.STX, 2.HF:
Excursion to Copenhagen. 3 days.

All study trips, exchange trips and excursions are for learning purposes and attendance is compulsory with regard to all learning related activities.
You must comply with the rules set by the teachers regarding alcohol consumption, behaviour, etc.

You must pay for all travel expenses on all trips.

You can apply the GG Grant for financial support.
Contact the school office for further information.

Make a donation to the GG Grant