IB students were eager to debate with panelists at US election event at Grenaa Gymnasium

”Don’t be surprised if you see Trump win.”

American Election Debate at Grenaa Gymnasium

On Friday, October 28, the American election campaign entered Grenaa Gymnasium. Three representatives for the Democratic Party, the Republican Party and the Green Party, respectively, formed a debate panel. The audience were primarily the IB students at Grenaa Gymnasium, but also a few US citizens living in the local area.

Many of the IB students in the audience were eager to ask questions to the panelists. Several questions were about the problems in the Middle East and the possible policies of the two candidates in this regard. There were also questions about American domestic issues, for example the possibility for small parties, like the Green Party, to gain any influence. Also Trump’s presidential qualifications were addressed. ”Is it a deliberate strategy of Trump to say the things he says, or does he really mean them?” one of the students asked Austin Rasmussen. ”I don’t buy the narrative about Trump that he is sexist, racist, etc. Both candidates appeal to the voters’ emotions,” Rasmussen said and warned against taking Clinton’s victory for given. ”Right now I am actually happy that the media are biased against Trump, because all it does is to make the right wing voters more angry and more determined to vote. At the same time, the Democrats remain demotivated and with the feeling of being disenfranchised. So don’t be surprised if you see Trump win.”