Grenaa Gymnasium’s Boarding School

IB Diploma in Denmark. School and friends at your doorstep. Is it for you?

Grenaa Gymnasium’s Boarding School is a good choice, if you can’t stay at home or would like to leave home.

Be close to friends and school
Living here means zero transportation time to and from school. In fact, you don’t need to spend any time getting yourself from A to B on a daily basis – you have school, friends, spare time activities, homework ‘cafés’ and meals right where you are.

Enjoy a great social life in an international atmosphere
You will be sharing your everyday life with young people from around the world with all kinds of different backgrounds.

During the first month of the school year we arrange lots of activities to ensure that you get to know each other.

What’s it like to be new at the Boarding School? Mathias and Lisa explain about it

Jagna and Andrea explain about their boarding school experience

Talk to an IB-student who knows our boarding school

The Boarding School is a great place with all kinds of different people and delicious food. You get plenty of gravy here! Tahmin Sarai, IB

Who can stay at Grenaa Gymnasium’s Boarding School?

You can live at the Boarding School if you are a student at Grenaa Gymnasium.

Grenaa Gymnasium offers three upper-secondary programmes: STX, HF and IB Diploma.

Application form for Grenaa Gymnasium’s Boarding School

What are the Boarding Fee?

The full boarding fee for a year’s residence is DKK 40.500,-

You may be entitled to state subsidy. Read more about the boarding fee.

Contact Grenaa Gymnasium’s Boarding School

HH lilleDo not hesitate to contact us if you would like to hear more or visit us.

Please call or email: Head of Boarding School Helle Høgh +452160 0414

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