Boarding Fees at Grenaa Gymnasium

The full boarding fees for a year’s residence at the boarding school in 2021/2022 is DKK 40.500.

The boarding school fee is paid in 10 instalments from August to May. If you move in after February 15th, an instalment is also paid in June. The fee is regulated every year with commencement from August.

You may be entitled to state subsidy if you are under 18 years old and you and your parents are taxpayers in an EU or EEA country. The subsidy is determined on the basis of your and your parents’ income, minus the deduction of DKK 35.778 per year for every living at home sibling under 18.

If your parents are divorced, it is only the income of the parent you are living with, and his or her possible new spouse or registered partner, which forms the basis for the calculation of the boarding school fee.

Boarding Fees 2021 2022

Under any circumstance’s you will pay the full boarding fee from the beginning of the first quarter after you have turned 18.

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