Subjects of the Arts in Full Bloom

Spring Exhibition and Concert at Grenaa Gymnasium

Spring time is the peak season for music and visual arts at Grenaa Gymnasium. A theater concert, the IB Visual Arts exam exhibition, the creative writing project Ord På, Ungdommens Vårsalong, a drawing competition and last but not least the school’s spring concert and exhibition on April 27, offering the opportunity to see what students at Grenaa Gymnasium work with in subjects of visual arts, design and music.

Diversity at the stage and among the exhibits

The music classes gave a tremendous concert to an enthusiastic audience of parents, siblings and friends. Many different genres of rhythmical music were represented. Music teacher Rie Kurdahl explained before the concert that the students choose the numbers themselves and several of them they will have to perform as part of their exam in music. “Their choices really cover a wide range of genres. Some choose brand new songs, others go further back in time. For example a Simon and Garfunkel-song as well as a number by Sneakers, a Danish 1980’s rockband, will be performed.”
In the visual arts subjects, students among many other things do architectural models based on principles of coincidence, and portraits in different materials and techniques. There are also landscape paintings among which no less than 16 have been exhibited in Aarhus at Ungdommens Vårsalong in Aarhus and two of them got through to the finals at the Town Hall in Copenhagen.