Visual Arts students in good company

Talented students in the Visual Arts B-level class have had their works approved for exhibitions.

In February Arshia and Miriam had works approved for the Catch 16 at Aros Art Museum in Aarhus. Because of this they got to attend a workshop led by artists Andreas Schulenberg and Sofie Hesselholdt. The theme of the workshop was Fuck Identity and the result after a full week’s intense efforts at the workshop was an exhibition representing countless different aspects of and angles on the concept of identity.
Currently, works of Arshia and two other B-level students are exhibited at the townhall in Aarhus. They have all been approved for Ungdommens Vårsalong (Spring Exhibition of the Youth) at the town hall in Copenhagen and will be exhibited there from May 9 together with works by young people from Denmark, Sweden and the Faroe Islands. The theme of this exhibition is Behind Thought