Students Exhibit at the Copenhagen Town Hall

Last week a handful of first year students from Grenaa Gymnasium went to Copenhagen together with their visual arts teacher to attend Ungdommens Vårsalong, an art exhibition with works by children and young people from Scandinavia.

Seven works created by the students had been selected by censors at a previous exhibition in Aarhus and so they went together with students from the Culture and Visual Arts School in Rønde, a neighbouring town to Grenaa and coordinator Thomas Stenumgaard Lind from the youth school in Rønde.
Slava Korco, 1.xw, explains: “We drove to Seeland and visited Arken (a museum of modern art, ed). Then we went for the exhibition preview at the Town Hall of Copenhagen where we had the traditional town hall pancakes. This experience has widened my understanding of art. You can use art as an escape from realities, but also to investigate reality.”
Sinem Yasar, 1.vt, agrees: “I was inspired by the works of the other students and that has made me reflect about art.”

Visual arts teacher Merete Christensen is not surprised of the students’ comments. “Vårsalongen is a fun and motivating change from what we usually do in the lessons. We have had a good time and lots of inspiration at Arken and from the many and varied motives and techniques applied by the other contributers at Vårsalongen. The fact that their works made it all the way and have been appreciated came as a happy surprise for them and spirits were high.”
“Visual arts is a subject that allows you to pursue many different opportunities and therefore I consider the cooperation we now have with Thomas Lind, the coordinator, and Mette Høffding from the Culture and Arts School, very valuable,” says Merete Christensen.

The group from Grenaa and Rønde at Arken.  The students from Grenaa Gymnasium were Alexander Bau, 1.q, Line Fiil Andersen, 1.xw (not in the photo), Magnus Mortensen, 1.xw, Sinem Yasar, 1.vt and Slava Korco, 1.xw