IB Visual Arts at Grenaa Gymnasium

Students learning from students

The IB2 Visual Arts Exam Exhibition

Every year in April, the Visual Arts exam takes place and all the works of the students are exhibited in the assembly hall for a few days. This year some of the teachers in other subjects took the opportunity to include the exhibition in their lessons.
Teacher Jakob Klausen explains the relevance of the exhibition to Theory of Knowledge (TOK), one of the core elements of the IB Diploma program. “I let my IB1 TOK-students visit the exhibition to investigate the way art can create knowledge and represent reality. It is always nice when there is synergy between the different school subjects and when the work of older students can come to aid younger students and inspire them in their schoolwork.”

Maria Dart, teaching English, included the exhibition in her Pre-IB class as well as her final year STX class. “The exhibition was a golden opportunity to give the students an unusual assignment. They were asked to select one of the works, describe it and explain what had made them select it – whether they found it beautiful, strange, thought-provoking, entertaining, etc. They also had to give an interpretation of the work,” Maria Dart explains.

Maria Dart further explains that the students were very impressed with the works of the IB2 students and with the diversity of the works. “Some students said that they might not even have visited the exhibition, had they not been given this kind of assignment,” Maria Dart says. “It has been a nice experience for me as a teacher to read the assignments and see that most students selected a work that they could relate to. This shows that they have experienced that art communicates.