Graduation Ceremony at Grenaa Gymnasium

A Celebration of Intellectual Liberty, Equality and Democracy

On Friday, June 24, 214 students received their diplomas at Grenaa Gymnasium and in the Assembly Hall every seat was taken by happy students and proud parents. As every year the passing of the diplomas was celebrated with some of the most beautiful traditional Danish songs, speeches, presentation of awards and musical entertainment by students and teachers.
The main theme of her speech were the principles of intellectual liberty, equality and democracy that according to the departmental order of the STX and HF programmes must be reflected in everyday life at any Danish gymnasium. Helene Bendorff Kristensen sees these principles as being also stated in for example UN’s Declaration of Human Rights articles about freedom of speech and of religion. According to Helene Bendorff Kristensen it is crucial that every student get to know and appreciate these principles. ”In your lifetime your understanding of cultural differences and knowledge of human rights will be key to a world where peace will win over war, and humanity will winn over hatred – both locally, on a national level and internationally. And therefore it is my hope that during your time here at Grenaa Gymnasium, you have aquired more than the knowledge and skills prescribed by the curricula,” Helene Bendorff Kristensen said.
Chairman of the Student Council, Johannes Zacher Sørensen, represented the students in his speech and much along the same lines as the head of school, he pointed to diversity of social and cultural backgrounds among the students at Grenaa Gymnasium that makes it an everyday experience to hear many different languages being spoken at the school. ”Why don’t we go out in the world and not being afraid of people we meet, not being afraid of what is different about them and not being afraid of being different ourselves,” Johannes Zacher Sørensen said.

A new music grant

Every year at the graduation ceremony grants are given and this year a new grant was given for the first time. This was Ole Fjord’s Music Grant that is sponsored by the locally based Djurslands Bank. The grant is given to students who have proven their musical talent and used for the benefit of their fellow students at school. Two students received the grant this year: Eskil Munck Johansen, 2.r and Johannes Zacher Sørensen, 3.kb