Juleafslutning med krybbespil på Grenaa Gymnasium

An Extra Christmas Blessing

Creating Christmas Atmosphere at Grenaa Gymnasium

This year efforts to create a Christmas atmosphere have been intensified at Grenaa Gymnaisum, starting in the beginning of the month with æbleskiver for everybody in one of the breaks. Later on there was a Christmas three decoration competition.
On Friday, December 21, the students and teachers at Grenaa Gymnasium then wished each other a Merry Christmas at a tradition-bound event in the Assembly Hall with a guest speaker and musical contributions from students and teachers. A pleasant surprise to all was the unexpected concert given by the duo Baby Did a Bad Thing. This was part of a “pop-up” campaign run by the local concert venue, where musicians turn up unexpectedly at a variety of occasions during December.
The Christmas atmosphere culminated with a gentle and humorous nativity play with Head of School Helene Bendorff Kristensen starring as the archangel Gabriel.