Elever fra Grenaa Gymnasium laver kemishow

Entertaining with chemical reactions

The students in 2.x have taken an alternative approach to learning chemistry by planning, testing and delivering chemistry shows at Kattegatskolen, the local lower secondary school.

In a chemistry show a number of experiments with spectacular chemical reactions are often carried out with chemical substances that everyone knows from everyday life. During the show the chemical reactions are explained to the audience.
“Our show had about 10 different experiments and we worked together in pairs, each pair being responsible for 1 to 2 experiments,” Emilie explains. “We had experiments with loud bangs, with colours and of course several with fire,” Albert adds. He continues: “We spent a couple of weeks planning and testing and it was great fun to get to do some new and a bit more dangerous experiments.”
“I think we also learned a lot about how to test an experiment,” says Mikkel. “Yeah, and how easy it is to make napalm,” Martin adds with a twinkle in his eye.

Practice makes perfect

But one thing was to get the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out the experiments, the students also had to consider how to present this to an audience. Emilie explains: “ We had to plan it ourselves and test all the experiments, so that we were absolutely sure about how to do them. It was all up to us to figure it out and also how to make it entertaining.”
“At first, in front of so many students you had never met before, it felt challenging to be going to do the show,” Emilie further explains. However, the students at Kattegatskolen turned out to be an enthusiastic audience. “So, eventually it was a lot of fun and as we repeated the show, it got easier. I think it has been a really good experience and if I get the chance, I will do it again,” Emilie concludes.