Eye-opening geology trip

Emilie and Christian seized the opportunity and went on a field trip to England

Earlier this year two students from Grenaa Gymnasium went on a special excursion.
Emilie Helmer Larsen and Christian Frederiksen, now both in their 3rd year, participated in a field trip to South West England together with 10 students from other Danish gymnasiums and two geologists from the Natural History Museum of Denmark and the University of Aalborg.

The trip was sponsored by Maersk and the program focused on-shore oil extraction. “We were informed about the trip and then had to write an application,” Emilie explains. “I applied because I found it interesting to have the opportunity to be examining at locations actually relevant to the subject matter.”
The trip lasted four days and the program was tight with a visit at Europe’s largest on-shore oil extraction plant as well as at several Unesco World Heritage sites of importance for petroleum geology.

The students brought with them back home a basic knowledge of petroleum geology. For example about how oil is stored in nature, where sea currents will take things, how to find out where oil and gas is most likely to be found and where it would be feasible to build construction plants.

“We also acquainted ourselves with university field trips,” Christian says. “During day time you are at the locations, making observations and taking notes. And at the end of the day, you gather and go through your notes together. We were also taught some basic theory and given instructions on how to do geological examinations.”

“I have gained insight into one of the study areas of geology,” says Emilie. She is now considering studying geology in combination with chemistry after her graduation at Grenaa Gymnasium. “Geology is a good choice if you would like to combine theory and practical use,” she says. “And there are many different branches within geology – and good job opportunities too.”

The students participating in the trip all have high level math and chemistry or physics. This means that the subject geology is not an option for them and they might therefore not be aware of this line of further education.