Guidelines at Grenaa Gymnasium

1. Keep a distance of 1 meter to the next person, 2 meters when shouting, singing etc.

2. Wash your hands, or sanitize them – thoroughly – very often and ALWAYS before and after eating.

3. Clean your place at a table before you sit down. Use the cleaning alcohol and paper in the class rooms.

4. Stay with your classmates – don’t mix with other classes at school.

5. Have breaks outside, or in your classroom. Common areas like the canteen and study areas may also be used, but sit in groups consisting of people from your class.

6. Wear a face mask if you cannot keep social distancing – ask at the office or the caretakers, if you don’t have your own with you.

7. STAY HOME, IF YOU ARE ILL (EVEN JUST A LITTLE BIT ILL) – book a Covid-19 test, if you have symptoms of the Corona virus and don’t come to school before your doctor has told you it is ok.

8. INFORM the school immediately, if you have tested positive for Covid-19!

9. Bring ear-phones to school, so you can participate in online lessons/work if needed!

Best wishes
Helene Bendorff Kristensen, Head of School