Letter from Head of School

May 25th 2020

IB Update on remaining period of the school year

Dear IBs

On Wednesday the 20th of May, phase 2 of the re-opening in Denmark was expanded to include continuing students at Danish Gymnasiums so that you are allowed back in school to participate in school activities, and boarders who are continuing students are allowed to return to the boarding school too. We will allow the return to the boarding school from Tuesday the 26th of May, and you are allowed to participate in all school activities at the school from Wednesday the 27th of May.
We are so excited to be able to open up the school for you again.

Guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid-19

Distance and sanitizing

We will arrange the lessons and exams/tests, so that you can return to school and see each other and your teachers again – and when you come, we will tell you more about the guidelines to follow for your safety and to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Currently, the regulations state that you must stay 1 metre apart, wash your hands as frequently as possible/ use hand sanitizer which is available at several stations around the school. There are also posters around the school telling you about the precautions we ask you to obey. Furthermore, we will ask you to clean your tables and chairs with the alcoholic cleaning solution, so the room is clean for the next students who may use it. Your teachers will help remind you about this.

Outdoor breaks and designated areas

In general, your breaks will take place outdoors, so remember warm/waterproof clothing and perhaps a blanket to sit on. During breaks each class will have their own designated break area – don’t visit people from other classes during the breaks. The canteen is closed during this period, so remember a lunch pack – or order wrapped sandwiches etc. through the school’s app (safeticket). Also remember to bring a full water bottle, as the water fountains are also closed during this period.

If you have symptoms

If you fall ill – even with mild symptoms, you must stay at home and book a test for Covid-19 as soon as possible. Contact us, if your test results state that you have the Covid-19 virus.

Online lessons

We will also arrange all the lessons and exams/tests, so you can also follow them online. The teacher will open the lessons online and instruct you online, simultaneously with the students in class. When you then work individually/ or in groups the teacher can participate from the classroom. If you are meant to be in a test and you can only participate online, please let your teacher know and then you and your teacher can call each other up.

A few of your activities will remain virtual/online, if it is more practical for the activity, or there are other special circumstances that force us to arrange the activity as a virtual activity. Please bring headphones to school that may connect with your laptop for virtual activities, and group activities with group members who participate online.

Promotion for the next school year

The end of the school year is near and we know that you are anxious to find out, whether you will be eligible for promotion to the next school year. In general, you are ready for promotion to the next school year, if we have not already contacted you to say that your results might not be satisfactory. If we have already talked to you about non-satisfactory results, you can expect to get a final update after the last exam activities.

Pre-IB and IB1: Mandatory and optional return to school

We know that you find yourself in many different circumstances, and therefore we have made some decisions to accommodate these circumstances:

  1. If you live in Denmark, or have been in Denmark throughout the Covid-19 lock down period, it is mandatory for you to return to school from Wednesday the 27th of May and onwards, unless you have health issues that prevent you from participating.
    The school activities that we will ask you to participate in will be the ones, which are already in your schedule, so the school days are not as long as they normally are, and some days have no schedule.
  2. If you live abroad, you have the following options:
  • You can choose to remain at home, and then you will follow the remaining activities online – be it lessons, consultations with teachers, or oral exams.
  • You can also choose to travel back to Denmark and join us for the few remaining weeks. However, at present (the 25th of May) the following rules apply, before you can return to the boarding school:
    • You must be able to present a negative test result of a Covid-19 test taken in Denmark upon your return. You can book a test via www.coronaprover.dk
      You need to have a NEM-ID to do so. If you do not have a NEM-ID, but you have a Yellow National Health Insurance Card, you can call you doctor to book a test, which fits with your immediate arrival to Denmark.
    • The test centres are spread out over Denmark, but the two closest to Grenaa are in Aarhus and Randers, so we recommend that you book a time for a test there, and some accommodation close to the test centre. You should expect around 18 hours from taking the test until you have an answer, but it may in some cases take up to 72 hours (3 days).
    • When you have a negative test result, you are allowed to return to the boarding school and school.
    • If your test is positive, you have to find a place to isolate yourself until 48 after the last symptoms have disappeared/or until another Covid-19 test declares a negative test result.
    • If you have access to being tested, it is a good idea to have a test before leaving your home country, so you are reassured that you will also have a negative test result when arriving to Denmark.
  • You also have the possibility of returning to Denmark and isolating yourself in a self-arranged quarantine for 2 weeks (14 days). After 14 days with no symptoms of Covid-19, you are then allowed to return to the boarding school. The downside to this solution is that you will then only have a little over 1 week of schooling left of this school-year.

Therefore, if you live abroad, we recommend that you consider the situation carefully, before arranging travel back to Denmark.

Return to the Boarding School

Since this is a new situation, we need to change our procedures and staffing at the boarding school and scheduling at the school, so we need to know how many pre-IB or IB1 students we can expect to return from abroad.

It will be possible for Pre-IB and IB1 students to return to the boarding school from Tuesday the 26th of May, but we will have to know in advance, and consequently, you should contact Helle (Head of Boarding School) no later than Friday the 29th of May, if you want to return to the boarding school at any time during the remainder of the school year . If we have not heard from you by Friday the 29 May, we assume that you are not interested in returning to boarding, and this will, consequently, not be possible at a later stage.

IB2 students’ return

The above possibility to return to school and the boarding school only applies to Pre-IB and IB1, who still have school related activities remaining, and not IB2 graduates, since all school activities for IB2 are completed. Consequently, there is no change in the situation for IB2 students, but we hope to be able to welcome you from Monday the 22nd of June and to celebrate your graduation with you during events that week.
If you wish to return to Denmark sooner to move out of the Boarding School, you can do this, if you either enter a period of quarantine, or can show negative test results from a Covid-19 test taken in Denmark.
You will not be able to stay at the Boarding School, when moving out your things, but you are allowed to stay at the Boarding School from Monday the 22nd of June until Friday the 26th/Saturday the 27th of June.
As soon as we have more information about the terms upon which we can arrange your graduation, we will get back to you. We expect that we will have firm guidelines concerning this around the 8th of June.

Best wishes
Eike and Helene