Florence and Boston. Impressions from Two of This Year’s Study Trips

Before the Easter break all 2nd year stx students and the IB1s went on study trips abroad. For many of our students the study trip is one of the peaks during their time at Grenaa Gymnasium.


A glorious past and spring time in Florence

2.xws went south to the renaissance city of Florence. This is a classic destination for study trips and for good reasons. According to UNESCO 60% of the world’s most significant art works and architecture is in Italy and half of the 60% is in Florence. On top of that, spring is earlier than in Denmark.
It is not possible to “do” Florence in an afternoon, so the students among other things had a historical city walk and they were guides for each other at selected sights. However, the program also included a visit to Liceo Linguistico SERVE DI MARIA, an upper-secondary school and a visit to a vine yard.

2.u and teacher Katrine Rønne outside Harvard University

2.u were welcomed into American homes

2.u went all the way across the Atlantic to the American east coast, where they stayed for a few days with the families of students at Bedford High School and they also stayed a few days in Boston.
“You definitely get a deeper experience when you stay with a family than you would do if you’d stayed at a hotel,” Aleksander Bruun, 2.u, says. “These little things in everyday life that you get to experience, and the conversations during meals, for example. Each night when I went to bed, I was so tired, because of the many impressions.”
His class mate, Naja Hansson, agrees, and like Alexander’s, her impression of Americans’ open and polite attitude is very positive. “For example, it is nice that all of a sudden, standing in a line, you have a conversation with strangers. We Danes should learn from that,” she says.
Naja hosted a Bedford-student last year. “I did that because it is great to make new acquaintances and it is fun to learn about cultural similarities and differences.”

A positive attitude is key

Aleksander and Naja agree that having a positive attitude is key to a great exchange experience. “You’ll be a guest in someone’s home for only a few days. Of course you can have a nice time together even if you and your host don’t share the same interests,” says Naja. “It is about being friendly and keen to make it work. If this is your attitude then an exchange trip is a chance you might not get again,“ Alexander adds.