The Boarding School Revisited

Former students at Grenaa Gymnasium’s Boarding School at reunion party.

Each year on Friday after Easter is the Reunion Party were students, who have graduated from Grenaa Gymnasium the last two years, are invited. ”We had a lovely evening and the height of is was when the guests – the former boarding students – stood up and told us what they have been doing since they graduated,” says Boarding School Supervisor Helle Høgh. ”Some where in full swing at the university, others at a folk high school, some of them were working and a few had decided to change their field of study.” The programme this evening also offered a guided tour to see Fjords House, the new lobby and the new facilities in the basement.

Hawai Evening Event

Another very funny event recently at the Boarding School was the Hawai Evening Event. During a school year a number of evening events are held and the themes are always decided upon by the students. ”This gives us an opportunity to relax and socialize in a different way than most other nights,” Helle Høgh explains. ”The evening events are always on week days and it is the students who decorate and make the programme according to the theme.” In this case there were Hawai-chops and avocado-pineapple salad for dinner and the entertainment afterwards was a fiercly fought limbo contest. Christian, Lara and Nikolaj reached the finals and here Lara won.