International Baccalaureate Grenaa Gymnasium

Good News for IB Students

IB students who wish to pursue further education in Denmark will benefit from a more fair conversion of their exam results.

From 2018 IB students will have better chances of admission to further education in Denmark. “This is truly wonderful news for both our present and previous IB students and something long-awaited for,” says Eike Strandsby, IB Coordinator at Grenaa Gymnasium.

“Previously, an IB student from a Danish IB school could find him or herself in the grotesque situation of not being able to be enrolled at a Danish university, whereas well-esteemed universities abroad would happily accept them. IB students are highly qualified and it is only fair that their exam results will now be regarded on equal terms with those of students from the Danish national upper-secondary programmes.”

International Baccalaurate (IB) at Grenaa Gymnasium

More doors will open

Nina Josefine Sørensen, IB student at Grenaa Gymnasium, agrees. ”This means that my IB grades will be converted more favourably and this opens a wider range of options for me when deciding on a line of further education.”

Eike Strandsby further explains: “These changes are good news especially for those students with exam results in the lower range. They will have easier access to AP programmes. Also students with mid-range exam results will benefit from changes in admission criteria at several university programmes.”

The changes are the result of combined efforts of the Association of IB Schools in Denmark, politicians and officials at the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education and Science to document and suggest solutions that will now be implemented.