Graduation Ceremony at Grenaa Gymnasium

On June 23, 113 STX-students and 44 HF-students graduated from Grenaa Gymnasium. The ceremony took place in the school’s assembly hall, witnessed by family members and teachers.

In her speech Head of school Helene Bendorff Kristensen took the opportunity to give praise to the graduates. “Among the students in the seven classes that graduate today we have seen keenness to learn, vivid debate as well as occasionally far too much nonsense. Nevertheless, we have also had opportunity to take pride in you and say, “These young people there are students at Grenaa Gymnasium,” on the occations when you successfully took part in a variety of activities, like the Physics Olympiad or the Grenaa Street Music Festival. I am immensely proud of your courage and capabilities, and very happy that all you do make Grenaa Gymnasium what it is.”

Best versions needed

Helene Bendorff Krisensen also mentioned the future that the graduates will be living their adult lives in. “The best version of each of you is needed in a world that in the years that you have been students at Grenaa Gymnasium has offered so many issues to discuss, issues that you as world citizens must decide your attitude to. Climate change, terrorism, refugee crises and electorates that give unexepected majorities, as we have seen with Brexit and trumpism. Global outlook is required of you in order to be able to relate them to your own world perspective and decide which core values are important to you. The ability to do this is what the upper-secondary programmes at this school has qualified you for,” the head of school said. And she also warned against taking the fundamental European values for granted. “We must never believe that the battles for freedom and equal status have been won once and forever. It might be that they do not yet apply for everyone you meet during a day. They have to be won again and again through dialogue, criticism, disagreement and understanding of interhuman relations …”
“Your dreams must show you your direction in life and make you land where you can make a difference and be the best version of yourselves. … Know that it is not important to know precisely how to get there as long as you let reason be your first officer and your heart the compass.”