Danmarks største fredagscafé 2019 blev vundet af Grenaa Gymnasium

Grenaa Gymnasium won national charity event competition

An annual televised national fundraising event is an integrated part of the school’s global awareness programme.

Friday, February 1st saw the culmination of a week’s efforts of fundraising through sales of home made cakes, the canteen’s ever popular sausage rolls, a vintage clothes bazar and last but not least a cake auction with three big cakes donated by local bakeries. The result was DKr 5847,- and this gave access to the national drawing for a prize, a show by Nikolaj Stokholm, a well-know stand-up comedian.

Grenaa Gymnasium har et program for temadage og andre aktiviteter med Fokus på FNs Verdesmål

Stine Karkov Sørensen is global-koordinator at Grenaa Gymnasium

Fundraising is not enough

Grenaa Gymnasium won the drawing and was mentioned on national tv. However, the main body of Grenaa Gymnasium’s global awareness-programme has significantly less cake involved. During their 2-3 years at Grenaa Gymnasium IB and STX students take part in three event days that focuses on the UN Sustainability Goals. They are mixed across classes within their year and there is a progression of subject matter complexity through the years.

“It is our aim that they gain insight and understand that a sustainable development globally takes more than raising funds for less priviledged people,” Global Activities Coordinator Stine Karkov Sørensen explains. Globalisation is right here in our local area too.”

Eye-opening UN Sustainability Goals

What do the students think of the global event days? “Well, as is often the case with these kinds of events where we take the students out of the boundaries of subjects and textbooks, their opinions differ. Some do not see the point of it because it is not part of the syllabus. But my impression is that the majority are happy to have the opportunity to learn and investigate in a different way than traditional class teaching allow for,” Stine Karkov Sørensen says. “It is really great to see their enthusiasm when their presentations are exhibited. They are genuinely interested and discuss each other’s work.”

Students run the show

STX Students with social studies as one of their major subjects have in addition their own annual global event day. The themes vary from year to year and students work in groups mixed across the years. “The beauty of these events are that there is a group of students who have volunteered to make everything run smoothly. They are usually very good at that,” Stine Karkov Sørensen explains. “Last year they were so amazing that my colleague and I wasn’t really needed. But that is of course great for this is another aim we have for these events.”