Get a support family contact

Guidance into Danish culture

Do you have a different cultural background than Danish?
Or is your cultural background Danish, but you have lived a large part of your life outside Denmark?
If your answer is yes to either of these two questions, a support family contact might be for you.

To IB-elever med deres besøgsfamilie-"mor"

Two IB students with their support family contact

What is a support family contact?

A support family contact will be your personal, local guides into daily life and school in Grenaa.

It will be a local family, most likely with a teenager that is a student at Grenaa Gymnasium.

They can help you understand Danish norms of behaviour

They can help you understand what is expected of you as a student at Grenaa Gymnasium

What will happen?

  • First you will meet your support family at an afternoon event hosted by Grenaa Gymnasium’s boarding school
  • Then you will be invited to their home and introduced to the rest of the family.
  • During four visits from September to November they will show you Grenaa and the surrounding area and give you ideas to what you can do in your spare time.

Last but not least

You will get experiences and perhaps friends for life.


Contact coordinator Marianne Abell