IB alumni reuniting at Grenaa Gymnasium

IB Reunion at Grenaa Gymnasium

Catching up with old friends and teachers

Recently the first IB Reunion was held at Grenaa Gymnasium at the initiative of Maya Andersen Zepeda Riis and Pernille Risum Ekelund who were both IB students at Grenaa Gymnasium from 2007 to 2009.
The IB Reunion dinner was prepared by Grenaa Gymnasium’s boarding school and a team of current IB students served it so that the guests could concentrate on meeting Head of School Helene Bendorff Kristensen, IB Coordinator Eike Strandsby and IB Counsellor Nina Østergaard. All three were new faces to the alumni and they made sure to give them a guided tour at the school and the boarding school where significant extensions have appeared within the recent years: the school’s new music wing and ‘Fjords Hus’ at the boarding school.
Last, but not least, the alumni enjoyed catching up with each other and to meet some of their teachers again.
“It was a very pleasant experience to meet with one’s former students again,” says teacher Kristen Dybdal. “I enjoyed seing them having matured to adulthood and it was fascinating to hear about their further educations and carreers. For an old teacher like myself, it is reassuring to learn that the efforts one put into teaching them have contributed positively to their further course.”

IB Alumni on Facebook and Newsletter

“We appreciate the initiative from Maya and Pernille a lot,” says IB Coordinator Eike Strandsby, “this will not be the last IB Reunion at Grenaa Gymnasium. There is now the IB Alumni from Grenaa Gymnasium on Facebook and we hope that many more of our former IB students will join the group and hopefully the next Reunion will attract an even greater number of alumni.”
All the alumni were encouraged to subscribe for the IB newsletter New Year 2017 that has recently been launched. Anyone interested can subscribe by sending a mail to newsletter@grenaa-gym.dk.