IB Diploma graduation 2018 Grenaa Gymnasium

IB Students graduating 2018

On Thursday, May 17th 42 IB-students at Grenaa Gymnasium celebrated that their last exam was finished together with their parents and teachers.

Since the end of April they have sat for examinations non-stop and know they have to exercise patience until the beginning of July when their exam results will be available.

“An IB Diploma requires work and persistence. This is also something you learn – to get things done,” Eike Strandsby , IB Coordinator at Grenaa Gymnasium said among other things in her graduation speech to the students. “Talent is not enough, you must practice to develop a true skill. You have done a lot of practicing during your 2 years and I am confident that you will benefit from it in your future careers.”
“The recognition of the IB qualification has always been good internationally, and from this year and onwards the Danish ministry of education has upgraded the conversion scale substantially.”

Head of School Helene Bendorff Kristensen in her speech mentioned that this year’s IB students are “anniversary students” as it is 50 years since the IBO was founded. Furthermore it is 15 years since Grenaa Gymnasium became an IB World School.

Grants awarded

IB Diploma graduation grants

Bjarne Vitting Hougaard and Nell Eithne Fingleton shared the IB Integration Grant

Mette Ardahl Bak received Danske Bank’s Bording School Grant

Silas Blatchley Hansen received Danske Bank’s Academic IB Grant

Freya Juul Jensen received Grenaa Gymnasiums IB Flower Award

Asta Boswell received Grenaa Gymnasiums Dedication Award

Amy Goodman (3rd from the left) won the Nordic district finals of the Young Women in Public Affairs Award that is arranged by the international organisation Zonta. Hence, Amy proceeds to the international finals in New York.