Junior Talent Djursland på Grenaa Gymnasium

Junior Talents Solving the Case

Crime Scene Investigation at Grenaa Gymnasium

It is 1.30 pm on Wednesday, October 26. We are in room 48 at Grenaa Gymnasium and a murder case is just about to solved by around 20 visiting 9th grade students from local primary schools. During the last hour they have been using Math to track mobil phone calls. Before lunch Chemistry and Biology contributed to solving the case. ”We tested the evidence found at the crime scene: blood, liquorice and DNA, ” Josefine Kristensen from Kattegatskolen explains.
Josefine liked Chemistry best, ”because we got to figure it out ourselves,” she says.
Emil Brøndum Aagaard, 9.c Vestre Skole, finds that Biology was more interesting because of the DNA-testing and the blood samples. ”In the other subjects, most of it was instructions, ” he says.

Offering Extra Challenges

Talent Coordinator at Grenaa Gymnasium Kasper Severinsen explains: ”In our Crime Scene Investigation-seminar the students get a hands-on experience of how different natural sciences can work together. Our hope is that this experience might help them in deciding whether they should opt for a upper-secondary science line.
Kasper Severinsen further explains that Junior Talent is for pupils in 8th and 9th grade, who would like to experience some extra challenges. Freja Abildgaard 9.c at Rønde Skole, thinks that she has acquired new knowledge during the day, but has also been pleased to find that there were things she already knew about. Her classmate Maria Madsen adds: ”I’d recommend Junior Talent to others, if you need extra challenges.” ”And if you consider applying for admittance at Grenaa Gymnasium,” Josefine adds.
The four students agree that Junior Talent is a good concept. ”You get a better idea of what it is like to be a student here,” Emil says. ”It seems like a nice place with many different kind of people. I think it will be easy to make new friends here.”