Kreativ undervisning om Vietnamkrigen på Grenaa Gymnasium

Creativity as an Approach to Learning at Grenaa Gymnasium

The Vietnam War experience. A second year history class invited 350 local area lower-secondary students to a morning concert

Letters between an American soldier in Vietnam and his family, a piece of music with authentic sounds from the Vietnam War, songs with the words and feelings of Vietnam veterans. This was what students from neighbouring schools in Grenaa experienced on a grey November morning last week. It was not authentic letters and music from the 1960s, but words and music created by the students in 2.akm and based on knowledge and insights from a joint unit in the subjects History and English.
Their teachers Allan Gjersbøl Jørgensen and Glennie Lund Grøfte were so impressed at the dedication and results of the students that they invited Kattegatskolen and Norddjurs Friskole to the event.

Having a lot of fun, but not just for the sake of fun

“It has been a great experience to have the teachers stepping back and letting us decide what to focus on and what to create, “ says Alberte Stenumgaard Lind, 2.akm. “Writing soldiers’ letters increased our understanding of how tough it is to be in a war. It is still like that,” Magnus Broe Lauridsen, 2.akm, explains.

English teacher Glennie Lund Grøfte adds: “Taking a creative approach on the basis of having acquired knowledge increases one’s understanding of what the war was about and what it meant to those affected by it.”

History teacher Allan Gjersbøl Jørgensen explains that some of the students attend Music at Higher Level and therefore it was only natural to include creative activities in this unit. “This is an example of how we at Grenaa Gymnasium try creative skills and mindset as a lever for increased learning.” And his colleague Glennie Grøfte Lund adds: “We have not only very good facilities for playing and recording music, but also some creative, confident and musical students, so of course we will take advantage of this also outside the music lessons.

Musical in the spring term

March will offer another opportunity to enjoy young musical talents at Grenaa Gymnasium. Approximately 100 of the school’s students will take part in setting up a musical show as singers, dancers, musicians, theatre designers, etc.