Grenaa Gymnasium, STX, IB Diploma

An environment of learning: a community of teachers’ support and students’ responsibility

Every year in August Grenaa Gymnasium welcomes new students and efforts are put into giving them a good start both socially and academically.

Now that the school year has been in full swing for a while, we have asked two of them about their experiences so far.

Grenaa Gymnasium’s programme for a good school start

The feeling of learning more

Mathias Dufresne is a first-year STX student. His primary and lower-secondary years were in the national public school system, Folkeskolen. “So far the level and the work load here has been as I expected, so it has not been a surprise that I now have to work harder. But I feel that I learn more even though the school day feels shorter. I think it has to too with the more frequents breaks during the day,” Mathias explains referring to the five minutes breaks within each 90-minutes lessons and the 10-30 minutes breaks between the lessons.

Lisa Vu Hagens, an IB1 student, agrees with Mathias on the value of more frequent breaks. In addition her IB Diploma schedule leaves her with some hours off. “I feel that this imposes a higher level of responsibility on you as a student and that again prepares you for university. I also like Lectio (electronic timetable, ed.) because you can check up on homework in case you were absent in a module.”

From Ho Chi Minh City to Grenaa

Coming from an international school in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam she has had a strong experience that the learning environment at Grenaa Gymnasium is very different from what she has been used to. “I have had a really, really good start here. At my old school they were very pressuring with regard to grades. I was in a constant stress. After coming here, my stress is completely gone. That is so nice because it hasn’t affected my grades. In fact, in my first tests here, I got a 100%. Earlier I could never do that, because I was too stressed.”

“The environment is just way better here,” she continues. “The students are so nice and the teachers very supportive. They care about your happiness in making sure that you have a good time and enjoy what you learn.”

Getting involved at a deeper level

Lisa has become one of the student representatives in the school’s IB Committee and is also dedicated to MUN. “The teachers are more cooperative and willing to listen to your advice. There are so many more opportunities here to become involved in a more in-depth way and to get into a leadership role,” she explains. “At my old school students and teachers were so separated, whereas here it feels much more like a community.”

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