General Study Preparation in Copenhagen

The 3rd year students on excursion.

Before the autumn break, all third year students at Grenaa Gymnasium went on a three-day long excursion to Copenhagen.
The students in 3.a went with their teachers in history and religion, and their programme included a visit at the Jewish synagogue and at the Jewish Museum. This was part of a project in General Study Preparation. Furthermore, among other things they visited the Imam Ali Mosque, attended the morning prayers at the Cathedral and did dilemma exercises at the Afghan War exhibition at Tøjhusmuseet, the National Museum’s department for Danish military history.
See pictures below.
The students in 3.km went to Copenhagen focusing on ‘Communication and Art’. One of the outcomes turned out to be a propaganda video in favour of modern art. The video and all its content was produced by Lau, William and Philip.