”To make limestone entertaining is an achivement”

Students at Grenaa Gymnasium contribute to the coming exhibition at the local museum

Four 2nd year STX-students at Grenaa Gymnasium took the prize for this year’s General Study Preparation innovation project. The assignment was to develop drafts for a specific display at the coming new exhibition at Museum Østjylland in Grenaa. The idea of this particular part of the permanent exhibition at the museum is to offer citizens opportunity to contribute, and the first contribution will be the four students’ winning project.

Benjamin Bjerre, Cecilie Søndergaard, Christian Therkildsen and Johannes Vestergaard, 2.kb, produced an animation film ”Lime the Limestone and Flint the Flintstone” that informs viewers about lime and flint, two raw materials that have had a historical impact in the local area. ”We imagine that in the final version, you will be able to choose between three sound tracks, each adapted for different age groups,” Benjamin explains.

Tina Bjerregaard from Museum Østjylland in Grenaa says about the winning project: ”To make limestone entertaining is an achivement.” She explains further that the projects of the other students were also very fine which made it quite difficult for the judges to decide on what project should win. ”We decided on the project that took an alternative approach and that doesn’t resemble anything else we plan to have in the new exhibition.”

See the draft version of Lime the Limestone and Flint the Flintstone