Kemishow på Naturvidenskabsfestival Kattegatcentret

Natural Sciences at Eye Level

Students: You learn more when you teach others

This week students from Grenaa Gymnasium set out to arouse interest for sciences like chemistry, physics and biotechnology among middle years school children at the annual Natural Sciences Festival that took place at Kattegatcentret, an oceanarium in Grenaa. This year’s theme was Extreme limits.

Sofie Vahle Janerka and Frederik Borup Vogel are second year students at Grenaa Gymnasium and they delivered a chemistry show together with their class mates. “When we planned the show we decided from the start to have experiments that would impress with smoke, fire and loud bangs in the hope that this would arouse interest, “ Sofie explains. “Our teacher gave us free hands which was great, because you realise about yourself that you can actually do it and that you accomplish more than you thought. You learn things better when you have to explain them to others in different ways than the textbook does.”
Grenaa Gymnasium naturvidenskabsfestival Kattegatcentret

“We did the experiments several times before the show to find out what would be possible. So you have to be both creative and very precise – the experiments won’t be successful if you don’t have the right proportions. And of course we also rehearsed our speak for the show,” Frederik explains.

Other students from Grenaa Gymnasium taught in workshops with a variety of themes. Plastic – friend or foe? in cooperation with RenoDjurs, the local refuse collection company, Got talent for free diving?, Will our blood boil on Mars? and World Overshoot Day. So the middle years students would get their faces wet, produce their own piece of plastic and become aware of the dilemma when it comes to chosing the most sustainable tomatoes at the supermarket.

Around a 1000 middle years students visited the two day festival that also attracted the attention of policians. Among them Hanne Roed, the 1st vice chair of Region Midt, the regional council, who was impressed by the chemistry show and the workshops. “It was lovely to see the playfull approach that permeated show and the workshops. We need many more young people to learn about and educate themselves within natural sciences in orer to save the climate, remove plastic from the world’s oceans and to help improve health technology,” she says.