Elever fra Grenaa Gymnasium deltager i Akademiet for Talentfulde Unge

Someone to share one’s curiosity with

Six students from Grenaa Gymnasium have been to Aarhus to receive their diplomas from the Academy for Talented Youth.

Admission to the Academy for Talented Youth (ATU) is offered to very talented and motivated upper-secondary students. From the spring term in their first year until the fall term in their third year they participate in seminars at Aarhus University.
One of the six from Grenaa Gymnasium was Daniel Dam Olesen, 3.a. Daniel explains that during the first year they were introduced to the university faculties, like e.g. natural sciences, humanities and social studies. Having acquainted themselves with the university, during their second year they chose seminars according to their personal interests.
During the last year the focus was on study skills. ”One of the things we did, was a personality test developed by 20 psychologists,” Daniel explains. ”The purpose of it was to find out what our personal strengths and limitations are in relation to team work, as study groups are essential at many further educations. It was really surprising to see how well the test worked.” Daniel is now more aware than before that one of his strengths is to generate ideas and discover interrelationships, and he is as determined as before that he would like to study psychology.

”It has been nice to attend the Academy with others who share one’s thirst for learning – to have someone to share one’s curiousity with,” says Daniel.

The five other students from Grenaa Gymnasium receiving ATU diplomas were: Frederik Bjerregaard IB2, Juliane Schmidt 3.u, Malthe Fiil Andersen 3.xw and Tobias Lanzky IB2.

Watch a video from the diploma ceremony: