Anders Maltha Winther Pædagog på Grenaa Gymnasiums kostskole

New Staff Members at Grenaa Gymnasium

Former student is new pedagogue at the Boarding School

In late October Anders Cornelius Maltha Winther began in the vacant position as pedagogue at Grenaa Gymnasium’s boarding school. Anders used to live at the Boarding School himself and graduated from Grenaa Gymnasium in 2003. Since then he has completed completed a three-year training programme in entrepreneurship and innovative project design and management and has graduated from a college of social education. He has worked in his capacities abroad as well as in Denmark with young people of different target groups in different settings – refugees, young people at risk, criminals and even young politicians.
He states, “At Grenaa Gymnasium’s boarding school there are many students from all over the world, whose parents might by far away. My primary responsibility is to help them and our Danish students to thrive and have the best possible years here in Grenaa, academically, socially and mentally.” From his own experience he knows how decisive the late teenage years can be. “As a former resident myself, it is great to be back. Much has changed since I lived here, but the place still remains. At the age of 36, I still find that some of the most important things that has happened to me in my life, happened while I lived here.”

administration at Grenaa Gymnasium Majurran VeethividanganA restructuring of the school’s administration including a new leader of the HF-programme

On the 1st of November Grenaa Gymnasium said good bye to Deputy Head Vagn Rohde and at the same time welcomed a new member of the school’s management, Majurran Veethividangan. There will no longer be a vice deputy head, but instead the three programmes STX, HF and IB Diploma will have a leader. Majurran Veethividangan head the HF-programme.
Majurran comes from a position at Struer Gymnasium where he taught Danish and Mathematics. “I have enjoyed teaching STX-students as well as HF-students, but the HF-programme and the students entering it are special to me. I look forward to getting to know our students and support the teachers’ efforts in qualifying them academically and personally to pursue further education,” he states.
Majurran is 31 years old and graduated from Aarhus University and the University in Bergen (Norway).

He currently lives in Struer with his family, but plans to move closer to Grenaa.