IB2 visiting Moesgaard Museum

Tracking Genghis Khan

All IB2 students at Grenaa Gymnasium kick-started their busy last term of school with an excursion to Moesgaard Museum

Core elements of the IB Diploma are Creativity Action Service (CAS) and Theory of Knowledge and the idea of this excursion was to relate to both through themes like for example living a nomadic life in past and present and the relation between museum collections and explorers.


Read IB2 student Nimue Lauritzens impressions from Moesgaard Museum

We (IB2) had an excursion to the Moesgaard Museum, visiting the temporary but incredible new exhibition which tells the fascinating story of Genghis Khan and his journey with and as nomads of the Mongolian steppes.

And there were many other interesting exhibitions, such as: the prehistory, ethnography and anthropology (Living of the dead, the origin stairs); Meet the family; and the Grauballe Man.

Ole, our guide of the Genghis Khan exhibition had incredible stories to tell of the nomads and the story of Genghis Khan and his ravaging horsemen, who, by brilliant military strategies, created the foundations for the greatest empire the world has ever seen.

The exhibition includes fantastic exhibits on international loan, some of them actually from the time of Genghis Khan, as well as many wonderful artefacts brought back by Danish expeditions over the years, not least those led by Henning Haslund-Christensen in the 1930s.

In addition to the Genghis Khan exhibition I really enjoyed the exhibition of the living of the dead that had a number of different cultures and their traditions with the deceased. As an art student this has been an inspiration to my portfolio with a variety of masks and traditional influences.

Overall the trip was worthwhile even though we as IB2s have a very heavy workload at the moment.