Grenaa Gymnasium, Karpenhøj

Socializing in the Open Air

Becoming a team. The Clerk of the Weather was on the side of the first year students.

An important part of the introduction to being an STX, HF or Pre-IB student at Grenaa Gymnasium takes place at Karpenhøj Naturcenter, an outdoor activity center near Grenaa. The students and their teachers sleep in shelters and cook over open fire. The programme offers team-building activities and the students are also guided to define the rules of conduct for their class, so that everyone will get to feel comfortable and included. This is part of the Netwerk-project that Grenaa Gymnasium has participated in for some years now.
As the pictures below from 1.q’s and 1.a’s trip show, there was also time for simply having a good time – in the water, at the bonfire and with fantastic views.