Spanish Visitors at Grenaa Gymnasium

Valuable cultural exchange experiences for both visitors and hosts.

In the recent week the students in 2.a were the hosts of 21 students and a teacher from Collegio Valmont in Madrid. The Spanish guests stayed at the homes of the Danish students and during their week-long stay they were introduced to everyday routines in the homes and at school, as well as to Danish history and culture.

“Viking swim” at Kalø

”Except for the weather, I think I love everything about Denmark. The trips have been very interesting and we have had a lot of fun visiting Aarhus. The week has been excellent in all aspects,” Javier explains. He also likes it a lot that there is WiFi in the busses and as many of his classmates he is surprised that students in Denmark are expected to use computers during classes.
One of the sight-seeing trips was to the ruined castle at Kalø on a very windy and cold day. This didn’t keep a few of the students from going for a “viking swim.” “I was excited to do the Viking swim as well as nervous. But I wanted to do it and try this exciting experience,” Spanish Laura says, who mobilized her inner viking and dived in. “I am completely glad that I was brave and had this amazing experience and graduated as an official viking, or at least for myself,” she says with a twinkle.

Language barrier overcome

Kristian Bay-Mortensen is one of the 2.a students who hosted a Spanish student. “In the beginning it felt as if there was a language barrier to be overcome, but then we found things to talk about. Especially after we had been together with the others. So now I feel that we have become quite good friends,” Kristian explains. “I am glad to have been a host and although I am a little nervous, I also look forward to visiting him in Spain,” Kristian says, referring to the exchange trip to Collegio Valmont that the students of 2.a will do in the coming March. “My guest brought me a gift. A cap. That was a good idea and I am going to bring him a gift too.”
The students from Grenaa can be assured that the Spanish students look forward to their visit. “We are going to have fun and eat a lot of paella when the Danes come to Spain,” Aitana promises.” I really look forward to showing the Danish students my home town. I also look forward to showing them the difference between living in Denmark and living in Madrid.”