Elever fra Grenaa Gymnasium var hyret af Djurslands Bank på Operation Dagsværk-dagen 2017

Students gave a working day’s pay to young people in Bangladesh

Operation One Day’s Work 2017 at Grenaa Gymnasium

To me it is not a question of whether to participate or not. We get this day off from school to be able to join, so of course you contribute if you can.
It is that simple for Anna Tofteberg, a third-year student at Grenaa Gymnasium. On November 8, she and a large part of the school’s students donated the pay for one day’s work to an educational project in a slum area in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Grenaa Gymnasium charity eventsI spent the day cleaning and tidying at the office of a law firm,” Anna explains.”I’ve joined Operation One Day’s Work every year during my time at Grenaa Gymnasium and I am glad to have done so. It is an opportunity for me to do something good for people who really need it. You do not always have the time and energy to do as much charity as you would like to. So Operation One Day’s Work is a great concept, if you ask me.

A long-standing employer

Lise Ringsted, Head of Marketing at the local Djurslands Bank, agrees with Anna Tofteberg.

Operation One Day’s Work is deserving of support and I took part in it myself when I was a student.

Louise Ringsted explains that they have been employing students for the cause for the last 8 or 10 years, and that it has never been difficult to find tasks for them to do. There is always a great number of Christmas letters and parcels that need packing.
The students always carry out the tasks that we ask them to with a smile, and they are very polite. They are more than welcome again next year.