Fridykning Grenaa Gymnasium

Breathe and dive!

Students learned about freediving in theory and practice

The Danish freediver Stig Severinsen once held his breath for 22 minutes. How is that even possible?

A group of students have taken the opportunity this spring term to find answers to this. Together with biology teacher Kasper Severinsen they have gained insight into how to breathe before a dive and different techniques to hold one’s breath.

“The students have acquired knowledge about the Vejrhold måling fridykningphysiological processes related to freediving and they have done exercises to improve their ability to hold their breath. A yoga class was part of that,” Kasper Severinsen explains.

“It is much about listening to what your body communicates to you and learning how to tackle what it tells you to avoid panicking. The students have practiced that and made records. All of them have improved a lot and everybody came close to or surpassed 3 minutes without breathing.”
At the end of the course the students went to the local swimming bath and did freediving exercises.

The course was called Explorer Freediving and was part of this year’s GG Explorer programme. Other courses were about computer programming, drawing and creative writing.