Entreprenørskab og innovattion BIG 2018 Grenaa Gymnasium

A cool stick for warm days

Students from Grenaa Gymnasium in the finals of Business Innovation Games 2017/18

Emma Katballe, Sofie Christensen og Joachim Vogel are final year science line students at Grenaa Gymnasium with business economics as one of their electives. This combination of subjects and hours of hard work brought them to Copenhagen on the 3rd of May to participate in this year’s finals of the Business Innovation Games, an entrepreneurship competition for upper-secondary students.

Grenaa Gymnasium BIG finale 2018Their teacher in business economics Agnete Nicolaisen explains: “From the regional semifinals where they won over their competitors from three neighbouring schools, they went on to the national finals, thus being among the 8 best teams out of 180.”
“The teams have to present a business plan for a new product,” Agnete Nicolaisen continues. “Our students combined their knowledge from chemistry and physics with business economics.”

Sofie explains about the product: “ We call it the Coolstick. The idea is to combine elements from glow sticks with elements from cold packs Erhvervsøkonomi og innovation BIG 2018 Grenaa Gymnasium– in other words a cooler brick with the shape of a drinking straw that you can easily bring on a picnic, to the beach or at a festival.”
“We had to present our idea and a business plan,” Emma says. “We were nervous, because we were last. But it went well and our presentation and idea was definitely in the game.”

The two others agree. “It was a good experience,” says Joachim. “We didn’t win, but I have learned not to be afraid to go for something.”
The students have worked on the project through the school year, developing after each unit of the business economics course. Thus they have applied their growing theoretical knowledge on a specific project. “Apart from that we also spend quite a few hours in the science lab together with our chemistry and physics teachers. It has been a very good experience to have that kind of support from the school and our teachers, “ Sofie concludes.