US Election Event at Grenaa Gymnasium

Students and social science teachers followed the US Election during a night-long event.

Mikkel Madsen, 3.sv, reports:

The students were lodged at Grenaa Gymnasium at 6 p.m and were briefed on the programme of the event. As the US election was the theme of the event, the menu consisted of burgers, soft drinks and French fries.
After dinner the students joined workshops all related to different aspects of the American election and preparing them for the great night. For example, students had to produce and conduct their own election campaign and try to debate as if they were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.
“It was really interesting to get to design an election campaign and it has definitely given me a better understanding of election campaigning,” says Gustav Dyppel, 3.sv

After the workshops, the Assembly Hall was decorated to create a true election night atmosphere. All night long there were incoming exit polls and election results from the two big news channels NBC News and Fox News.